Power More Profit with Zero Fee Payment Processing

Power More Profit with Zero Fee Payment Processing

We provide relief from credit card processing fees so you can keep a lot more of your hard-earned money.

Merchants have saved more than $10 million in fees with Paynada.

Merchants have saved more than $10 million in fees with Paynada.

Can you relate to any of this?

Can you relate to any of this?

The share of credit card transactions is upwards of 85% in most businesses. The fees associated with accepting this form of payment shouldn’t be a burden for merchants.

Most processing companies don’t do a thorough statement analysis and provide the methodology for how they price merchants. We are fully transparent and will walk you through our process to save you the most money possible.

At a time when business owners are facing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and rampant inflation, times are tough. Rather than increase prices or decrease staff, we are able to save merchants on one of the largest expenses of running a business.

Interchange + isn’t something that merchants, or even credit card processors can control. The interchange rates are set by Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover twice a year and are different for every branded credit/ debit card. Interchange fees (on average) are around 2-4%. That quickly adds up and is an increasingly significant financial burden for the cost of doing business. 


Show "traditional" processing fees the door.

Profit more. Pay "nada."

High credit card processing fees can significantly cut into profit margins and cost your business thousands of dollars per year.

Most merchants are too busy running their businesses to spend time researching all the options available and end up paying way too much.

Paynada shines a light on the inefficiencies of the traditional payments model and frees you of these fees so you make more money.

Discover the Paynada Difference.

Our Dual Pricing model allows customers who pay with cash to receive a discounted price on goods or services. If they choose to pay with a credit card, the price will be 4% higher than the cash price. This enables your customers to receive their rewards while enabling you to process transactions without incurring fees.


  • Interchange + Pricing
  • Pricing transparency
  • Net Effective rates between 2-4% on average
  • Available for in person and online transactions
  • B2B and Interchange Optimization Gateways

The Paynada Way

  • Up to 100% free processing
  • Fully compliant dual price programs
  • All marketing and signage provided
  • Available in-store and online
  • B2B and Interchange Optimization Gateways

We have the right solution for your business.

Take payments anywhere. Any way.

State-of-the-art technology for small to medium-sized businesses of all kinds.

A920 Pro

The A920 Pro comes with a larger screen and optional built-in scanner. Designed for faster performance, it delivers a fleet payment experience across all dynamic environments.

• 5.5″ IPS touch screen
• Laser scanner options
• PCI PTS 5.x

Clover Mini

A full point-of sale system in one sleek little package, Mini can fit into any space. Use it just for payments or to run your whole business from inventory to payroll.

• 8” touch screen
• Card slot and contactless reader
• Built-in receipt printer


The A60 delivers the highest level of payment security. Compact and lightweight, it can operate as a standalone Mobile PIN pad or an in-store cordless terminal.

• 5″ Hi-res Multi-touch screen
• Optional auto-cut printer & charging base


The pocket-sized A77 supports a range of wireless connectivity options, providing customers and retailers alike the flexibility to conduct commerce when and how they want. Featuring a stunning touchscreen, an integrated processional scanner, and dual high-resolutions cameras, the A77 centralizes digital payment, business, and brand immersion touchpoints.

• A77: 5.5″ Hi-res multi-touch screen
• Optional laser scanner

Clover Flex

Serve customers better—at the counter, in line, at the table or in the field—with the Clover Flex handheld POS system. This all-in-one device provides built-in capabilities to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales, all from the palm of your hand.

• 5” touch screen
• Built-in printer
• Camera and barcode scanner


The PAX E600 is a high-performance POS designed with both merchant and customer user experience in mind. With its dual-facing displays, both are assured a reliable, smooth, and secure checkout. Its portability adds a range of capabilities, such as pay-at-the-table, catering, delivery, and curbside service.

• 8″ HD IPS touch screen merchant-facing display
• 4.3″ Integrated payment module
• PCI 5.x SRED


The E700 terminal combines Electronic Cash Register (ECR) and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution that is ideal for retail, restaurants, hospitality, and entertainment. The PAXBiz® platform, powered by Android™, features a 12.5″ HD touchscreen tablet display and is designed to handle any POS application.

• 12.5″ HD touch screen display
• 4G | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth® wireless technology
• PCI 5.x SRED & NFC Contactless


The E800 delivers lightning fast performance when it matters the most. Access to a whole world of third-party business apps and solutions makes for smooth integrations between apps on the cash register side and the payment module, minimizing complex data transfers and time-consuming IT management.

• 15.6″ IPS Touchscreen
• 4G | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth® wireless technology
• PCI 5.x SRED & NFC Contactless

Clover Station Duo

Station Duo is a powerful point of sale system for quick service restaurants, retail stores, and service businesses. Keep lines moving with a 14” HD display for you and a 7” touchscreen for your guests to confirm their order, leave a tip, redeem rewards, pay, and request a digital receipt.

• 14” HD display
• 7” touch screen
• Printer

What our clients say about us.

I'm thrilled to endorse Paynada payment processing for our moving company. Their dual pricing program eliminated our monthly fees, resulting in significant cost savings.

Danny Sloan, Owner of Sloan's Moving and Storage

Paynada has been a lifesaver for our small cafe. We were being charged outrageous fees by our previous payment processor. Paynada analyzed our situation and offered a tailored solution that saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you, Paynada!

Jaime, Owner of Country Club Cafe

Since switching to Paynada for our payment processing needs, we have saved thousands of dollars in credit card fees.

Flamur, Owner of Villa Vinci Restaurant

Payment processing optimized for profit and efficiency

No-fee or low-fee credit card processing

We give you flexibility to choose the payment processing model that’s best for your business. Whether lowering your fees or eliminating them altogether, Paynada puts money back in your pocket. 

24/7 dedicated merchant support

We’ll be there whenever you need us. Between your local representative and our support team standing by, you’ll get any issues resolved in a hurry. We also offer support in Spanish. 

Easy-to-use technology, optimized for your business

The right technology can go a long way in helping your business function seamlessly and efficiently. We offer a range of easy-to-use solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

Quick and hassle-free setup

Our technology is tested and pre-set up before we send it, to ensure readiness for immediate use out of the box. Then we provide personalized training to get you up and running quickly.

Next-day funding

Get paid sooner. Instead of waiting two days like some traditional processors, Paynada gives you access to your deposits the next day.

Cash advances

Paynada offers fast and convenient financing to help merchants who need immediate access to additional funds for their businesses. 

Ready to break free from credit card processing fees?

Ready to break free from credit card processing fees?